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  • Airbus ACJ Gets Higher MTOW
    Posted by Robert Wall 1:09 PM on May 26, 2009

    The European Aviation Safety Agency has granted Airbus the type certificate for a higher maximum takeoff weight A319 ACJ.

    The revision brings the Airbus Corporate Jet’s MTOW to 76.5 metric tons, or one more than it’s had to date.

    blog post photo

    Airbus says the adjustment yields 170 naut. mi. greater range for the ACJ carrying 8 passengers, for a total range of 6,000 naut. mi.

    Airbus is using load-alleviation to achieve the higher MTOW. The capability is on aircraft now coming off the production line and is being made available for retrofit.

    Airbus notes that it has secured more than 100 single-aisle VIP aircraft orders.

    [Photo: Airbus]

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