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  • Eurocopter: Rebuilding its Medium-Twin Offering
    Posted by Robert Wall 10:51 AM on Jan 06, 2012

    One of the key development programs underway at Eurocopter is the X4, which is to replace the Dauphin, and help strengthen the companies commercial offering starting in late 2016, when it is to come to market.

    The program, which has received French government backing, also aims to take a new approach to flying and flight safety, Eurocopter has long said. Eurocopter CEO Lutz Bertling also is targeting a 30% reduction in operating costs and significant noise reduction.

    Here is a schematic of the notional cockpit layout for the fly-by-wire system. Pilots will manage the system, not fly the helicopter tha will feature a large windscreen, side-strick controls, and new displays, Bertling says.

    blog post photo

    The other Eurocopter effort to regain ground in the medium-twin segment is the EC175, being developed with Avic, and due for first customer deliveries this year.

    Eurocopter today announced that the 7-metric-ton helo has demonstrated better than anticipated performance in flight trials. The revised performance give theEC175 an 135 naut. mi. radius-of-action with 16 passengers and 190 naut. mi. with 12 passengers, representing a 30% improvement over the initial baseline.

    The helicopter maker also is working on an 18 passenger configuration, which would have a range of 100 naut. mi. radius-of-action.

    After discussion with its potential customers, “we have incorporated certain adaptations that will further improve the helicopter’s operational capability, placing it ahead of the competition from its entry into service,” says Eurocopter CEO Lutz Bertling in announcing the changes.

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