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  • Tecnam Aims New Twin at U.S.
    Posted by John Morris 12:11 PM on Jul 28, 2009

    Italian light sport aircraft manufacturer TECNAM kicked off a U.S. sales campaign for a new light twin here at Oshkosh—but it’s not an LSA. The company believes the P2006T will appeal particularly to flight schools and air taxi customers where passengers want low cost and the safety of two engines.
    Powered by two four-stroke 100 hp Rotax 912 S3 engines, the retractable gear P2006T will carry four people at cruise speeds up to 140 kts (75% power at 7,000 ft.) with a fuel burn of only nine gph of Avgas or auto fuel. Range at 65% power is 620 nmi with 30 minutes reserve. Service ceiling is 15,000 ft.

    blog post photo

    The twin-engined Tecnam P2006T at Oshkosh. 

    The light weight of the Rotax engines (141 lb. each vs 321 lb for a 180 hp Lycoming 0-360-A1A) and the lighter airframe to support them means the economic performance of a twin can be compared to that of a single engined four seater for the first time, says Tecnam sales executive Walter da Costa. This should make the P2006T especially appealing to flight schools offering twin-engined training, he added. Tecnam claims the P2006T has positive performance on one engine, with a gross weight rate of climb of 300 fpm at sea level and 150 fpm at 7,000 ft.
    The P2006T is EASA certified, and FAA Part 23 certification is expected later this year. Deliveries of the aircraft began last week, to customers in Austria, Spain and the Ukraine. The aircraft here at Oshkosh is the sixth off the production line.
    List price is a basic $409,000, and orders stand at more than 50 aircraft, da Costa said.

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