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  • A Single Seat Jet from Sonex
    Posted by John Morris 1:52 PM on Jul 28, 2009

    A single seat, single engined funjet was unveiled here at Oshkosh by Sonex.
    “Every pilot’s fantasy is to be a jet jock,” says Sonex. “Don’t ask us about service ceilings, range or baggage... the SubSonex is all about taking a thrilling rocket ride around the neighborhood!”

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    The SubSonex is propelled by a 175-200 pounds thrust turbofan. 

    Based on the popular Sonex Waiex single seater, the SubSonex replaces the 80 hp AeroVee engine with a tail mounted turbine of 175-200 pounds thrust from the large-scale radio control model aircraft world.
    The all-aluminum airframe has an 18 ft. wingspan, an empty weight of 330 lbs., and carries 32 gals. of Jet fuel.
    The SubSonex is designed to capitalize on new generation small turbine engines, possibly using alternative biofuels, to give pilots of more average means the title of Jet Jock, Sonex says.
    But don’t look for one soon. The SubSonex proof of concept venture is on the back burner while Sonex focuses on developing its E-Flight electric Waiex, powered by lithium-polymer batteries. Tongue in cheek, the company said it could afford to use some of its carbon savings from that effort to indulge in the jet!

    Sonex has sold more than 1,500 kits for its piston-powered aircraft, and more than 250 have been completed.

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