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  • "Bizjet" for Sale -- Unique History!
    Posted by Nigel Howarth 7:36 AM on Apr 24, 2013

    If you're in the market for a private jet with a bit of history, and a bit of showbiz 'glam' to boot, then hows about this gem tucked away in a hangar at sleepy Middle Georgia Regional Airport in Macon? Dating from the mid-1960's, this Yugoslvian-built SOKO G2 Galeb was recently owned by John Travolta, and is now for sale in immaculate condition. It still carries a stylized "John" under the canopy and a prominent "J" on the tail.

    Photo: Nigel Howarth at Macon, GA 14-Apr-2013.

    Tags: BA99

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