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  • Japan's XC-2 First Flight - the Video
    Posted by Graham Warwick 9:37 PM on Jan 27, 2010

    Brad alerted us to the first flight of Japan's Kawasaki XC-2 prototype airlifter, and here is the video from the JDA's Technical Research and Development Institute.

    Video: TRDI, via YouTube

    The Jan. 26 first flight was more than two years behind schedule as the airframe had to be strengthened after problems were discovered with its structural integrity.

    The XC-1 (then C-X) was rolled out alongside Kawasaki's XP-1 (then P-X) maritime patrol aircraft in July 2007. The four-engined, low-wing XP-1 made its first flight in September 2007.

    Video: TRDI

    Although they look quite different, the two aircraft do share some degree of systems commonality. But whereas the XP-1 is powered by four indigenously developed IHI XF7-10 turbofans, the XC-2 has a pair of GE CF6-80C2s.

    The C-2 will replace the Japan Air Self-Defense Force's Kawasaki C-1s, while the P-1 will replace the Maritime Self-Defense Force's Kawasaki-built P-3 Orions.

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