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  • Boeing and EADS Working Together???
    Posted by Robert Wall 2:20 PM on Jun 09, 2010

    Boeing and EADS spend much of their time at each other's throats.

    Just today, EADS CEO Louis Gallois made fun of Boeing's KC-X tanker offering, saying it is a paper airplane. And, he says, Boeing's political push to bar the A330 from entering the competition shows how nervous the rival is.

    So with all these atmospherics -- not to mention the usual Airbus/Boeing Commercial Airplanes bickering -- it is hard to believe the two could do anything together.

    Yet that is the case. Eurocopter and Boeing are putting together a team to jointly work on future heavy-lift helicopters to meet U.S. Army and Franco-German needs. If successful, Eurocopter would be the prime in Europe and Boeing would do the same in the U.S. Details of work allocation remain to be determined, but it could be a big step in transatlantic cooperation from the two parties you may least expect to work together.

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