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  • IDF Deploys Magna Thermal Border Surveillance
    Posted by Noam Eshel 1:37 PM on May 16, 2010

    Central Command has recently introduced the Magna thermal camera system, providing border surveillance intelligence to sector operation centers and monitoring potential hostile infiltration from suspected areas.

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    The system, developed by Magna BSP Ltd combines thermal cameras and regular cameras, scanning an area to the range of several miles. Once the system detects suspicious vibrations, it transmits the data to a collection system installed in the look-out operations centers posted in the area. For rapid reaction and riot control, the IDF has introduced the heavily armored Hatehof 'Wolf' armored vehicle, which is offering improved crew protection.

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    Magna BSP are developers of a passive radar 'Virtual Wall' perimeter protection system, based on a stereoscopic video motion detection system. The system is designed for unattended operation along a perimeter line, or from a central location, protecting strategic facilities and borders as well as airfields and harbors.

    The sensor elements are comprised of two vertically-aligned IR micro bolometer cameras linked by the system's processing module to provide accurate and reliable detection of targets, while passively determining the size and location of the objective.

    Magna's system include a range of static, panoramic sensor poles each carrying two (stereoscopic) or four (quadroscopic) sensors (two thermal IR and two CCD) covering a 360 degree zone, by staring sensors or scanning sensor poles. The system was selected to provide perimeter protection for the Ben-Gurion Airport.

    Credits: IDF Spokesman, Magna bsp Ltd 

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