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  • Refueling the Refueler
    Posted by Robert Wall 6:51 AM on Jan 20, 2009

    Here's a somewhat unusual shot of the first Australian KC-30B multi-role tanker transport, taken from the EADS A310-based tanker during flight trials off the coast of Spain.  

    blog post photo

    EADS flew a series of trials with the Australian A330-based tanker and the A310 making refueling contact. The A330 is undergoing flight qualification in advance of delivery to the Royal Australian Air Force, which is buying five of the aircraft.

    The A330 can be boom-refueled. It will be able to offload gas either through its own refueling boom -- the A310 large serves to validate the technology that will be used on the A330 -- as well as wingtip mounted hose-and-drogue pods.

    [Photo: EADS]

    Tags: ar99, A310, A330, MRTT

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