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  • No Small Deal for Israel
    Posted by Robert Wall 10:39 AM on Sep 10, 2008

    Israel stands to receive GBU-39 Small-Diameter Bombs under a proposed $77 million foreign military sales package.

    The purchase, which still has to be finalized, is part of a flurry of FMS deals the Pentagon has alerted Congress about this week. Other deals involving Israel also could see the transfer of Patriot PAC-3 related equipment and M72A7 Light Anti-Armor Weapons.

    The SDB buy could be for up to 1,000 units. Additionally, the FMS package would include 30 guided test vehicles, BRU-61/A mounting carriages for the 250-lb.-class bomb, three weapons simulators, two reliability and assessment vehicles and one separation test vehicle.

    blog post photo
     (credit: USAF)

    The weapon would likely be integrated on both F-15s and F-16s, although the Defense Security Cooperation Agency did not identify the intended target platform.

    The Patriot-related weapon sales package has a maximum value of $164 million and includes three Patriot System Configuration 3 modification upgrades. They would improve the radar capabilities, including target classification, discrimination and identification. Israel uses the Patriot as a lower-tier air and missile defense system adjunct to its Arrow-2 missile shield.

    Finally, the M72A7 deal, valued at up to $89 million, would over the sale of 28,000 66mm Laaws and 60,0000 21mm sub-caliber training rockets.

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