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  • Hacker "Spokesman" Addresses Collateral Damage
    Posted by Paul McLeary 5:03 PM on Mar 09, 2012

    As the FBI continues to arrest hackers associated with the Anonymous collective while managing to flip one of the movement's leaders to an informant, the Hacktivist world is in turmoil. In the latest issue of DTI, contributor Angus Batey runs a Q&A with AntiSec (an offshoot of Anonymous) “spokesman” Barrett Brown to talk about the future of the movement. It’s a great piece. One particularly interesting moment comes when Batey brings up the recent hack of intelligence firm Stratfor’s servers, which resulted in the publication of millions of private emails. Brown says of the operation:

    Obviously we’re violating the rights of a lot of people here. The hackers are violating Stratfor’s rights to possess their own emails and to not have their servers intruded and then torched on the way out. And it’s a shame that it’s being done that way, but things have come to such a point that I personally just don’t care any more.

    Batey pushes him on the issue, asking “What about the collateral damage—the people who, because they’ve bought a Stratfor newsletter or emailed a particular company, might find their personal data or credit card information published online?”

    I see it as akin to during World War II, where, in the course of fighting the Nazis, the U.S. and Britain and Russia accidentally smashed down villages that were occupied. Obviously, no one wants to see civilians killed, but civilians are killed by the thousands in a war.

    Anyway, read the whole thing here for more quotes like this.

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