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  • Danes Check Out Their Fighter Candidates
    Posted by Robert Wall 7:22 AM on Oct 24, 2008

    The Danish government is taking a close look at the candidates for its F-16 fighter replacement program.

    A government team is now on a road trip to visit the companies vying for the prize, according to the Danish defense ministry. 

    First stop: Ft. Worth, Tex., where the Danes are grilling Lockheed Martin over the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Denmark is a partner in the multi-national program.

    blog post photo
    (credit: Lockheed Martin)

    The Danes will then swing by St. Louis, Mo., to have Boeing walk them through the F/A-18E/F.

    blog post photo
    (credit: Boeing)

    On the way back home, the Danes will make a stop in Sweden for a close-up look at the Saab Gripen in Linkoping.

    blog post photo

    (credit: Gripen)

    One issue that also still needs to be resolved is to obtain the political decision to actually go ahead with the F-16 replacement program. While that seems likely, the final word hasn’t been spoken on the matter.

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