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  • Italian KC-130J-Typhoon Combo Tested
    Posted by Robert Wall 3:57 PM on Nov 10, 2008

    The Italian air force has completed a series of trials to clear the refueling combination of the C-130J as a tanker with the Eurofighter Typhoon receiving gas.

    The flight tests took place at the Decimomannu range in Sardinia.

    blog post photo
     (credit: Alenia Aeronautica)

    The Typhoon involved was IPA2, which Alenia Aeronautica uses for testing. First flight trials were conducted with the KC-130J. One had the Typhoon without stores, while in other trials fuel tanks were under the wings and central fuselage. One night refueling was also performed. Overall, eight contacts were made during which fuel was transferred.

    The Italian air force has 22 C-130Js, and took delivery of the first in 2000.

    Now if Italy can just get its hands on its first KC-767, which should be next year unless there's another slip.

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