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  • EADS and the Hypersonic Flying Machine
    Posted by Christina Mackenzie 8:18 PM on Jan 25, 2011

    At the Paris Air Show in June EADS is set to reveal a research project for a hypersonic aircraft which could fly at mach 7.5 and get you from Paris to Sydney in about 3 hours ... a distance of 10,533 miles or 16,951 km, though what that would do to your biorhythms I'm not entirely sure!

    The project is seeking funding from the European Union research framework which is limited to civilian research projects. But I can't imagine that anybody could seriously believe that once developed it would not be of much more interest to the military than to the civilians.

    In addition to which, EADS has part ownership (37.5%) in one of the few European companies that has the know-how in making things that fly at mach speeds: MBDA.

    Graham Warwick adds: at a conference in Washington in May last year, EADS chief technical officer Jean Botti provided a brief glimpse of the company's "zero emissions hypersonic transport" concept. Here's what it looks like:

    blog post photo
    Graphic: EADS

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