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  • Note to Ares Readers
    Posted by Michael Bruno 11:10 AM on Jun 29, 2012

    Dear Readers,

    Due to repeated violations, a flagrant disregard for meeting our ethical requirements to participate, and his ongoing refusal to adhere to numerous requests and warnings otherwise, I have banned JackJack from participating on Ares and Any effort by him to return under a different alias will be dealt with similarly. JackJack is declared persona non grata.

    As you know we do not take such steps lightly. Ares (and indeed, all of serves as a forum for robust community debate about the issues of the day in aerospace and defense. No voice is favored and all arguments are welcome, including criticism of Aviation Week. What is not allowed, however, are personal attacks.

    Michael Bruno

    Managing Editor for Defense, Space & Security

    Aviation Week

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