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  • A Question Of Direction
    Posted by Douglas Barrie 1:39 PM on Nov 17, 2009

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    Transfer of control on a district by district basis could begin in Afghanistan next year, at least according to Gordon Brown, the British prime minister.

    Giving a keynote speech on foreign policy, November 16, Brown suggested that a conference planned for early 2010 by the nations involved could “chart a comprehensive political framework within which the military strategy can be accomplished.”

    This “strategy” – however - is predicated on the ability of the government of Afghanistan, to provide national security.

    “For it is only when the Afghans  are themselves able to defend the security of their people and deny the territory of Afghanistan as a base for terrorists that our strategy of Afghanisation will have succeeded and our troops can come home,” said the British Prime Minister.

    Whether the present regime in Afghanistan is capable of delivering anything remotely resembling such a capacity remains uncertain.

    Picture credit Sgt. Dan Harmer RLC/Crown Copyright

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