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  • Fighter Jock Shortage?
    Posted by Jen DiMascio 6:47 PM on Apr 28, 2011

    The Air Force is projecting a shortage of 300 fighter pilots by 2013, the four-star commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe said in an appeal for help this week.

    Gen. Mark Welsh said the shortfall could grow to more than 1,000 by 2021, in an e-mail to colleagues after a recent meeting of top Air Force leaders where the issue was discussed.

    “Many of you are leaving, or thinking about leaving the Air Force for other opportunities,” Welsh said. “My concern is not that you’ve made the choice to pursue a new path, but that we don’t really understand why you made the choice.”

    He’s asking for feedback that can be sent on anonymously to

    “I'm looking for the ground truth as you see it, not the filtered, watered-down ‘this is what the boss wants to hear’ truth,” Welsh said. “Once I've seen it all, I'll give you some feedback ... including what I plan to do with the info.”

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