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  • 6/28 Frago: Late Edition
    Posted by Sean Meade 7:18 PM on Jun 28, 2012

    + The Failure of Anti-Virus Companies to Catch Military Malware

    Interesting post by security expert Bruce Schneier. He links and quotes an anti-virus company that says they can't hope to compete with nation-states. Schneier disagrees.

    + The Coming National Defense Crack-Up

    Pressing issues facing the Presidential candidates:

    ++ dysfunctional Pentagon acquisitions
    ++ 'strategic pivot' toward the Pacific without enough quality assets
    ++ problems extracting ourselves from Afghanistan which include making Syrian or Iranian intervention very challenging
    ++ excessive strain on Army and Marine personnel resulting from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars
    ++ the disgrace of insufficient care for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan
    ++ the looming specter of sequestration, which would likely break these and other things more.

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