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  • Done But Not Quite Dusted
    Posted by Douglas Barrie 1:09 PM on Nov 05, 2009

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    BAE Systems may just have delivered the last UK-assembled Hawk 132 advanced jet trainer for the Indian air force, but then again maybe not.

    India has 66 of the type on order, the first 24 of which were to be built in the UK, and the rest license-assembled by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL). Delivery of the Indian-assembled aircraft is well behind schedule – years rather than months
    with HAL attempting to blame BAE Systems for the problems it has encountered in airframe assembly.

    The Hawk was selected in 2004. HAL has so far carried out final assembly of five aircraft, but it should have completed around three times this number by now. The first HAL-assembled aircraft was handed over in mid-2008.

    India is now looking to acquire up to a further 57 advanced trainer aircraft, with the air force taking 40 and the navy 17. A Hawk variant is one of the candidate platforms, and despite the license assembly issues, on commonality grounds alone it should remain a credible contender.

    Then there is the question of just when HAL will get on top of the assembly issues, and begin to catch up on the original schedule.

    Were the Hawk to be selected – again – then issues of delivery dates mighty yet see further Indian Hawks produced in the UK.

    Picture Credit BAE Systems

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