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  • Harvest Hawk Armed KC-130J Advances
    Posted by Graham Warwick 4:43 PM on Apr 26, 2010

    Naval Air Systems Command says it's completed Phase 1 testing of the Harvest Hawk roll-on/roll-off weapons kit for the US Marine Corps' KC-130J tanker/transport. Now the aircraft is off to China Lake to continue testing, with deployment planned for this summer.

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    All photos: US Navy

    Harvest Hawk consists of a pallet-mounted fire-control console in the cargo hold, an EO/IR targeting sensor in the left underwing fuel tank and a four-missile Hellfire launcher in place of the left refuelling pod.
    blog post photo

    blog post photo

    Navair says it will integrate the Special Operations Precision Guided Munition (SOPGM - Northrop Grumman's Viper Strike or Raytheon's Griffin), but has deferred to a later block upgrade plans to mount a 30mm cannon in the left-side troop door. Harvest Hawk is scheduled to deploy in the summer with Hellfire and SOPGM.

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