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  • Why the F-22 Did Not Participate in the Libya Attack -- the Real Story
    Posted by David A. Fulghum 1:31 PM on Mar 25, 2011

    Here is the response from the U.S. Joint Task Force for Libya ops via 17th AF on why the F-22 was not used for this operation despite the expectations of the Air Force chief of staff. It seems to make sense in a Byzantine way

    "Because of the speed upon which the operations came together with our coalition partners, [the JTF] needed to look realistically at the fighter assets already within Europe to execute operations. Because there are no F-22 Raptors based in the European theater, they were not included in the initial stages of the operation."

    "The formulation of Operation Odyssey Dawn air component was extremely successful, with the aggressive timeline from the U.N. Security Council Resolution to the first operational sorties, to where we are today."

    It appears they are saying "because of the speed" and the "aggressive timeline" demanded by the French to get off a quick attack in time for the French elections and before Benghazi fell are the decisive elements. They didn't have time to send the stealth fighters when they would do the most good -- on the first day.

    The U.N. resolution was Thursday evening and the bombs started falling Saturday morning. As of Friday the AF was still busy on the flightline at Langley putting the final upgrades on the F-22s and awaiting a deployment order.

    As near as can be determined, there were no technical issues as speculated by some pundits. F-22 stealth communications are routed through other aircraft when necessary. F-22s don't escort B-2s. The 3.1 upgrade package allow the F-22 to pull precision coordinates from its own sensors and pass them to its precision weapons.

    With reporting by Amy Butler

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