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  • Cyber Challenge
    Posted by Bill Sweetman 3:34 PM on Aug 18, 2009

    The Army is looking to develop a streamlined concept of operations as it works on its share of planning for the new US Cyber Command, due to stand up later this year, according to Lt Gen Kevin Campbell, boss of the Army's Space & Missile Defense Command. "This happens in nanoseconds," Campbell told the Space & Missile Defense Conference in Huntsvilla, Alabama, earlier today. "If you have a nice hierarchical chain of command, and think that you're going to get anything done in cyberspace, you're going to be sorely disappointed."

    He adds: "We stood up combatant commands around the world because those are domains where we expect battle to occur." The same goes for cyberspace, he said.

    Campbell talked enthusiastically about operationally responsive space - describing MilTec's SMDC-One as "the first Army satellite since Courier" - but cautioned that "the reason we seen a proliferation of UAVs on the battlefield is that they are persistent and responsive - and if your smallsat is not persistent and responsive, you'll end up with a nice thing in your trophy case, and you can control it all you want."

    "That's why the CONOPS [concept of operations] is important to us in responsive space. If you don't have it right, the person who needs the capability first, gets it last."

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