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  • Laser vs UAV: No Fair Fight Here
    Posted by Robert Wall 10:20 AM on Nov 28, 2011

    Remember MTHEL, the U.S. Army effort to mount a high energy laser on a vehicle to shoot down rockets? MTHEL may not have gone far, but Rheinmetall is still working on a similar concept and has released the images (below) of a recent shootdown of an unmanned aircraft.

    The event took place at its Ochsenboden proving ground in Switzerland. There, the manufacturer demonstrated a 1kW laser and a 10kW laser (the latter used to destroy the unmanned aircraft).

    The lower-power system was used to sink an inflatable speedboat and for counter-IED operations. The 10kW system is designed for counter-RAM missions. Rheinmetall says that with the doubling of power output from the level used last year, the ability to destroy mortars has improved significantly. 

    The 1kW Tm170-mounted laser:
    blog post photo

    The 10 kW turret (and its UAV engagement):
    blog post photo

    blog post photo

    blog post photo

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