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  • Swiss Voters Reject Arms Export Ban
    Posted by Christina Mackenzie 3:56 PM on Nov 30, 2009

    Swiss voters have massively rejected a proposal to ban weapons exports.

    The Group for Switzerland without an Army (GSwA), had gathered the necessary 100,000 signatures to force a referendum on the issue, but 68% of those voting on Sunday were against such a ban. The referendum called for Switzerland to have "a coherent foreign policy, without participating in conflict and killing indirectly."

    Swiss defense companies had argued that any ban would result in as many as 10,000 job losses. After results of the vote were announced, Economy Minister Doris Leuthard vowed to "strictly" review each sale of arms abroad and promised Switzerland would not sell weapons to countries that systematically violated human rights.

    Switzerland's weapon exports were worth a total of 722 million Swiss francs (€477 million euros, $714 million dollars) in 2008.

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