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  • Libya: Lots of Action, Little Reaction
    Posted by Robert Wall 10:55 AM on Aug 11, 2011

    In an update on operations in Libya, the U.K. defense ministry puts out the following numbers:

    • NATO has hit more than 4,200 targets
    • Royal Navy, RAF, and U.K. Army Air Corp have struck more than 840 regime targets.
    • 180 tanks and APCs hit
    • 160 other military vehicles hit
    • 120 artillery pieces and rocket launchers hit

    Add to that the latest figures from NATO:

    • 18,553 sorties flown
    • 7,037 strike sorties conducted

    But what does it all add up to except more than £140 million in costs to the U.K. alone to restock weapons expended?

    Weeks ago the U.K. claimed the Ghaddafi regime was crumbling, with others saying it was on “the back foot.” In reality, there is little sign of that actually happening.

    So operations continue. The MOD says it has hit Libya’s Central Organization for Electronic Research, which it describes as one of the regime’s “most sensitive and secretive intelligence operations” centers. Tornadoes also were once more called on to fire Storm Shadow cruise missiles to strike command bunkers.

    Meanwhile, nobody seems willing to ask the question, what will it take to really break the back of the regime?

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