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  • IAI Targets New Laser Designator At India
    Posted by Noam Eshel 2:50 PM on Feb 09, 2011

    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will exhibit its new Laser Designator DART 45 at Aero India 2011.

    DART45 is a lightweight compact Laser Designator and Rangefinder for Ground, Airborne and Naval applications. The Laser Designator and Range Finder module was designed to be fitted into very small Electro-Optical systems and payloads.

    Several units of the new module have been integrated into MiniPOP-D (Designator) Electro-Optical naval payloads for an unnamed export customer, as well as into IAI/TAMAM's new Ground Targeting and Designating System (GTADS).

    DART45 offers a 45mJ (milliJoule), very low divergence Laser Designator as well as an eye-safe Rangefinder which enables high performance in a lightweight package.

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    (Photo: IAI)

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