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  • Building the EFV
    Posted by Bettina Chavanne 7:41 PM on Oct 01, 2009

    I spent Wednesday morning visiting the General Dynamics Land Systems plant in Lima, Ohio, where the Marines Corps' Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) is being built and where Abrams tanks are repaired and overhauled.

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    (The EFV hull literally floats down the production line. Look closely at the tracks - you  might be able to see the fast-flowing water. The water is also used to pick up the metal shavings and sludge coming off the EFV as it goes through the process, and it's collected at the end of the line.)

    I've posted a few of my pictures here, with a few more in the Defense Showcase photo gallery. I hope to cobble together some video for you by tomorrow as well.

    USMC Commandant Gen. James Conway was there as well. He flew out just to see the EFV line and talk to the workers. He (and EFV program manager Col. Keith Moore) spent some time talking to the reporters in attendance as well. Conway has always supported EFV, of course, although lately he's been open about positioning the vehicle as useful for more than just forcible entry. He said he will feel more comfortable about the future of the vehicle in spring 2010, after Congress has has an opportunity to comment and post-QDR.

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    The Commandant got the 5-cent tour, including a quick stop in the paint shop.

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    The final product - in miniature - is positioned right next to one of the welding stations.

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