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  • Let's Talk Acquisition: Part I
    Posted by Bettina Chavanne 2:10 PM on Aug 24, 2009

    Things are quiet here in Washington in August, so I dug up a recent Defense Science Board report on 'Fulfillment of Urgent Operational Needs.' It's a guide to fast-track acquisitions and it's got some interesting findings. I thought I'd post a couple of the items in the report and open it up to you to discuss. Acquisition is a hot topic lately, although the Pentagon has struggled with the process many times through the years.

    The task force,which released its findings in July, came up with several premises in its evaluation of Pentagon acquisitions:

    1. All of DOD's needs cannot be met by the same acquisition processes.
    2. "Rapid" is countercultural and will be undersupported in traditional organizations.
    3. Any rapid response must be based on proven technology and robust manufacturing processes.
    4. Current approaches to implement rapid responses to urgent needs are not sustainable.
    5. An integrated triage process is needed.
    6. Institutional barriers--people, funding and processes--are powerful inhibitors to successful rapid acquisition and fielding of new capabilities.

    I know there are a lot of buzzwords, but I wonder what your first impressions are. Are these obvious findings? Is there anything in there that looks new?

    I'll follow up for you with the task force's recommendations ...

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