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  • German Anti-Tank Missile Tested for India
    Posted by Robert Wall 10:52 AM on May 20, 2011

    German missile makers (MBDA and Diehl) report progress in getting the infrared-guided PARS 3 LR anti-armor missile ready for use on the Tiger attack helicopter.

    MBDA, a partner with Diehl in the consortium working on the weapon, reports three hits in three firings using live tandem warheads. The shots were taken from a German army helicopter.

    The trials are being conducted to sway the Indian army to buy the weapon -- it would be the first export order for PARS 3LR and only the second customer for the weapon.

    blog post photo
    (Credit: MBDA)

    MBDA says the helicopter was flying at 10 meters and fired at a target at a range of 7 km. A minute later a mobile target moving at 40 km/h was engaged at a range of 700 meters. To take that shot, the Tiger repositioned itself, climbing to 100 meters and turning 180 deg.

    The next test came the following day, with the Tiger launching its weapon while flying at 180 km/h and striking a stationary target at 7 km range.

    All the tests took place at Sweden’s Vidsel range.

    Germany is buying 680 of the missiles to be delivered through 2014 under a 380 million euro contract.

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