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    Posted by Robert Wall 2:26 PM on Sep 18, 2009

    Senior Pentagon Editor Amy Butler, Senior Technology Editor Graham Warwick have survived the Air Force Assn. meeting and share their collected wisdom with us on the this week’s Check 6 podcast.

    KC-X, of course, had to be discussed. What was Sec. Gates thinking in letting the Air Force run the program again? And, we ask the question, is there such a thing as a protest proof program (don’t get your hopes up).

    Then, the White House’s decision to scrap the existing plan for missile defense in Europe using interceptors in Poland and radars in the Czech Republic, which makes way for an SM-3 dominated architecture. Is Europe less safe?

    Lastly, Graham walks us through the current thinking on COIN aircraft. Could there be a big new competition in the offing, or will the Air Force never get serious about the topic.

    In our closing Missed Approach segment, Graham spotlights a recent headline that may say it all about the state of the commercial aircraft business, I vent about forecasts and forecasting, and Amy talks about budget issues concerning the C-130 AMP program (and wins this week’s prize for mentioning Darleen Druyun).

    We are still experimenting with a new Facebook page where we will hope you may also give us some ideas on what you would like us to cover.

    By now, you probably know you can reach us iTunes here.

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