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  • Turkey Rolls Out MALE UAV
    Posted by Graham Warwick 6:28 PM on Jul 19, 2010

    Turkish Aerospace Industries rolled out the first prototype Anka (Phoenix) medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aircraft in Ankara on July 16. TAI plans a press conference on Tuesday at Farnborough.

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    Photo: Lexy Flamour, via Wikipedia

    The initial Anka-A is a Predator A-class surveillance UAV. First flight is planned for September, with deliveries to the Turkish armed forces to begin in 2012. Anka-B will be an armed hunter-killer version.

    The piston-powered vehicle has a 17m (55.7ft) wingspan, 1,600kg (3,500lb) gross weight, 30,000ft ceiling and 24h endurance with a 200kg payload comprising EO/IR camera and synthetic-aperture radar.

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    Concept: TAI

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