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  • Lynxes, Lynxes and more Lynxes!
    Posted by Nigel Howarth 1:20 PM on Nov 20, 2013

    Like many armed forces around the world, the UK's are shrinking in size. The Royal Navy and Army Air Corps have been divesting themselves of their early model Westland Lynxes, and no less than 30 of them were lined up for an auction this week at Hixon in Staffordshire, England. The airframes have all been stripped out and many have had their tails removed, so their only real value is for scrap or as museum pieces. Still, it makes an impressive line-up, a reminder of how much our forces have shrunk.

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    blog post photo
    Photos: Nigel Howarth, Aviation Week

    Tags: ar99, Westland, Lynx

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