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  • JSF versus GAO - A Retrospective
    Posted by Bill Sweetman 10:25 AM on Mar 22, 2010

    The JSF program's history of dismissing outside criticism that later proved to be right is troubling.

    Two years ago, the Government Accountability Office's report on JSF predicted delays and cost overruns that were modest compared to what has actually occurred. The Selected Acquisitions Report (SAR), released a few days later (now the most recent SAR because 2009 was skipped) came out with numbers that showed that JSF had not incurred a Nunn-McCurdy breach - although the process involved moving numbers around.

    Lockheed Martin issued a press release trumpeting the SAR results and predicting that the program would deliver on schedule. Program office director Maj Gen Charles Davis harshly criticized the GAO:
    "We do not agree with that estimate, there is no basis for that estimate, and we do not support it," Davis said.

    Weeks later, another one-year slip in the schedule was announced.

    Later in the year, the program was at it again, downplaying the first JET report to such good effect that corrective action was delayed by a year.

    Maybe the House Armed Services Committee will address this subject on Wednesday.

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