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  • Thales Easy Talk
    Posted by Christina Mackenzie 3:53 AM on Oct 22, 2011

    Remember the adage that you know you’re getting old when policemen start looking young? And what does every young person you know have? A smartphone. They all know how to use them; the technology requires no apprenticeship. So Thales applied the same technology for the Every Talk smartphone, a ruggedized Push-to-Talk terminal which adds broadband capabilities to existing Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) networks used by law enforcement, first responders and so on, having understood that those of an age to be on-the-street police officers, active fire-fighters etc. can just pick it up and will know how to use it instantly.

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    Thales was showing Every Talk at the Milipol show after launching it at the Tetra World Congress in Budapest six months ago.

    The Every Talk, which costs just marginally more per unit than an off-the-shelf smartphone, will not only replace existing walkie-talkies and serve as a normal mobile phone but it also sends data, images and video instantly— either to the command center and/or to the user’s colleagues. The user can also receive maps and building floor plans, for example. It can also be used discreetly in a backpack with a small on-the-shoulder camera to send videos or photos of a crowd, for example.

    The system can use both the public network and a private network, so it would continue to function even if the public network were being scrambled by authorities for security reasons, as happened in London in the 7 July 2005 bomb attacks when first responders found they could no longer communicate with each other after the Metropolitan police scrambled the mobile phone network.

    Easy Talk was developed at the request of the French interior ministry and first responders, but can be used, just like any smartphone, anywhere in the world. But you'd need to wear baggy trousers if you wanted to put it in your pocket because the ruggedness does make it bulkier than your office smartphone.

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