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  • Magicians Wanted
    Posted by Bill Sweetman 1:45 PM on Apr 03, 2009

    For a company that's supposedly trying to keep things secret, Northrop Grumman is acting oddly. First, a massive contract is disclosed in routine financial reporting. Then, what looks a heck of a lot like a bomber concept pops out in a design patent or two.

    Now, the company says that it's working on a stealthy reconnaissance-strike UAV.

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    Northrop Grumman

    A note on jobs site LinkedIn says that Northrop Grumman is looking for experienced stealth engineers, indicating that the company expects its business in that area to remain healthy. But the ad linked here is pretty specific. Yes, you could be working on UCAS-D or the F-35, but you could also be helping with "an advanced unmanned system that could perform persistent reconnaissance and deliver weapons" and other programs that "are so advanced, their impact tomorrow keeps them hidden today."

    Moreover, Northrop Grumman is looking for people to "develop and test advanced IR and visual signature suppression materials". I would hazard a guess that this means something other than gray paint.

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