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  • Libya: Will Bunker Busters Make the Difference?
    Posted by Robert Wall 9:02 AM on May 31, 2011

    Will 2,000 lb. bunker busters make a difference where Storm Shadow, Paveway IVs, Enhanced Paveway IIs, and Dual-Mode Brimstones have not?

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    The U.K. seems to think it just might. The government confirms now it has deployed Paveway IIIs for combat operations in Libya. The precision-guided weapon would be dropped by Tornado GR4s.

    The move comes just days after the U.K. also decided to dispatch WAH-64 Apache helicopters to Libya.

    NATO has reached a new milestone with its air operations over Libya, having now logged more than 9,000 sorties. More than one-third of the missions were strike sorties, although not all end in dropping ordnance.

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