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  • The Cracks Of Doom
    Posted by Bill Sweetman 11:38 AM on Dec 02, 2011

    Interview with the JSF program boss:

    "The analyzed hot spots that have arisen in the last 12 months or so in the program have surprised us at the amount of change and at the cost," Vice Adm. David Venlet said in an interview at his office near the Pentagon. "Most of them are little ones, but when you bundle them all up and package them and look at where they are in the airplane and how hard they are to get at after you buy the jet, the cost burden of that is what sucks the wind out of your lungs."

    "I believe it's wise to sort of temper production for a while here until we get some of these heavy years of learning under our belt and get that managed right. And then when we've got most of that known and we've got the management of the change activity better in hand, then we will be in a better position to ramp up production."

    Read the whole thing.
    (By DTI contributor Rick Whittle.)

    Three comments. First, this is not stuff that can't be fixed. Second, I would suggest that this may, possibly, not be the optimal time for a very expensive program to disclose another batch of delays and overruns. Third, told you so. Five years ago (page 7).

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