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  • Once and Future Osprey CSAR?
    Posted by Sean Meade 3:11 PM on Apr 05, 2011

    Michael Fabey writes:

    In case anyone missed it last month – as noted in a recent online Forbes piece by the Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson
    a pair of USMC V-22 Ospreys from the USS Kearsarge rescued a downed Air Force pilot.

    By definition, that’s a combat, search and rescue (CSAR) mission – the very type that the Osprey was developed to do and then, due to cost reasons, was dropped from the running for the U.S. Air Force CSAR-X program in the latter part of the last decade.

    The Marines have been arguing for some time that they could use the V-22s for such a role and they were right, at least for this particular mission.

    That doesn’t mean that there’s no need for a dedicated CSAR fleet. But when one of those aircraft isn’t around, it seems that an Osprey can do some of these jobs in a pinch.

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