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  • Merging Russia's Industry
    Posted by Bill Sweetman 12:16 PM on Jun 17, 2009

    Maxim Pyadushkin writes:  Russian fighter manufacturers MiG and Sukhoi will be merged into a single entity within Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). Alexey Fyodorov, UAC president, announced at Le Bourget that MiG will formally join UAC in 3-4 months, and the two manufacturers will form  UAC’s Combat Aircraft business unit.

    Sukhoi’s head Mikhail Pogosyan was appointed as MiG CEO earlier this year in preparation for the merger. He explained to Ares that as for now there are no plans for complete unification. The Sukhoi and MiG design bureaus will stay as separate entities, but their activities will be coordinated through the Combat Aircraft unit.

    Pogosyan said that in future both design teams may work jointly on new programs, while now they will coordinate their efforts and share expertise to support the modernization of existing products.

    Combat Aircraft will be the second business unit within UAC. In 2008 UAC set up its Transport Aircraft unit, based on the Ilyushin design bureau, responsible for development and production of military airlifters. Fyodorov said he aims to restructuring the country’s fixed-wing manufacturing sector along the lines of EADS, with independent divisions under a single managing company.

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