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  • Army Radio Program Moving On
    Posted by Paul McLeary 4:55 PM on Jul 08, 2011

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    After achieving a Milestone C decision on June 17, the Joint Tactical Radio System’s (JTRS) Rifleman radio and Manpack radio program is ready to move on. General Dynamics C4 Systems announced Thursday that it had received an order from the Department of Defense for a Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) order of $56.4 million for 6,250 Rifleman and 100 Manpack radios. The Army has indicated that it has plans to purchase more than 190,000 Rifleman and 50,000 Manpack radios.

    Rifleman radios enable soldiers to access secure voice, video, and data communications capabilities. Chris Brady, a vice president of General Dynamics C4 Systems said in a statement that the Rifleman radio “will be the first secure tactical radio to extend the network down to the individual soldier,” while the “two-channel Manpack radio bridges Rifleman networks to both legacy and future high-level command networks so everyone in the force is on the same page.” The company also said that the initial 100 Manpack radios will be used for further operational testing. Under the terms of the LRIP order, General Dynamics and Thales Communications will manufacture the Rifleman radios while General Dynamics and Rockwell Collins will build the Manpack radios.

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