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  • Typhoon's New Nemesis: the GSF?
    Posted by Robert Wall 12:53 PM on Jul 05, 2011

    There is a new change in focus for Eurofighter’s anti-stealth campaign, perhaps with an eye on the changing competitive landscape particularly in Japan.

    For some time, Eurofighter officials have been arguing that the low-observable features provided by the F-22 are really not all that much to write home about, and the Typhoons use of some signature management aspects along with its electronics warfare suite and other sensors was really all anyone would need.

    But the Eurofighter reps have now set their site on a new aircraft, the GSF – or Generic Stealth Fighter which  looks awfully similar to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).  “Any similarities to a contemporary design are purely coincidental,” quips one program official.

    Eurofighter officials say they have run performance of the GSF through their models and exercised various air-to-air scenarios. Perhaps to no surprise given it was a Typhoon model run by Typhoon program officials, the European fighter came out ahead, both when GSF was in the attacking and defending role. In briefing the scenario to reporters last week, Eurofighter officials would not share the underlying data used to arrive at the results, but they assert that the information is being shared with potential buyers.

    One of the most interesting aspects of the engagements the reps detail is how they detected the GSF. On the one hand it was though the use of the infrared search-and-track sensor on the Typhoon. The other was by lining up a wall of Typhoons, allowing those somewhat offset from the GSF to detect radar returns that would not have been noticeable in to Typhoons nose-on to the GSF.

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