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  • Army Looking at New Battlefield Tablets
    Posted by Paul McLeary 12:40 PM on Oct 20, 2011

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    If you haven’t been following the Army’s Chief Information Officer’s blog, “The Leader,” well, then, you’re missing out on the one post a month they put up. 

    But you also missed an interesting bit of information posted earlier this week when Sergeant Major Kevin E. McCrary posted that  there are “several tablet devicesavailable for purchase by Army units since they’ve been approved for use on the service’s network, and have met other security requirements. But that isn’t new. What is new is that the Army is “evaluating the user experience with the Fujitsu Q550. We selected the Fujitsu for a limited participation evaluation because it fully meets all the security requirements,” he writes.

    The Army has been testing a variety of tablets and smart phones for some time now, and will keep throwing new models into the hands of soldiers in the field. McCrary also says that the service has been in discussion with industry leaders such as Dell, HP, DT Research and other tablet makers, and is working to bring “Hardware and Software Vendors into a forum where they can present their products to a larger Department of Defense (DoD) community.” But iPads, as we all know, aren’t welcome to the party, even though some in the military have found them useful, and the Army is talking to Apple about using some of their products in the future.

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