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  • Womyn Against Lazar Drones
    Posted by Bill Sweetman 12:09 PM on Jan 08, 2010

    I don't know how we managed to miss this important development, but the Bay Area group of Code Pink has been campaigning against the use of UAVs. I will give them credit for sidestepping the thorny "UAV or RPA?" dispute by calling them "drones".

    What we have clearly been missing is the deployment of thousands of killer drones - because only some of them, we're assured, "only" spy - and that "companies are racing to make DRONES that can drop biological and chemical weapons; utilize nuclear, lazar, microwave weapons." 

    Memo to Dave Fulghum: what are these lazar weapons? Is it something out of Area 51, associated with the famed Bob "S-4" Lazar, witness to alien re-engineering? Or is it a Serbian MRAP?

    Code Pink does seem to have overlooked the fact that the vast majority of these thousands of drones are hand-launched and made of styrofoam, and the only way they'd be lethal would be if you decided to eat the battery.

    However, the site has a bonus in the form of a poem, which stands alongside the work of Douglas Adams' Vogons. Indeed, it could almost be compared to the poetry of Paul Neil Milne Johnstone of Redbridge, Essex.

    So listen and enjoy...

    ... before they blow you out of the air lock.

    Tags: ar99, code pink, uav

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