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  • Given Europe's Chickens, Fox Sides with NATO
    Posted by Robert Wall 5:25 PM on Oct 05, 2011

    The U.K. may be one of the two most important military powers in the European Union, but when it comes to EU defense, don't come knocking in London.

    That's the message U.K. defense secretary, Liam Fox, has clearly articulated during the Conservative party conference today in Manchester.  Not only is Fox firmly backing NATO over an EU defense establishment, he almost snears at those with other ideas.

    Fox points out that many of those countries calling for an EU defense establishment fail even in meeting their NATO commitments. “You cannot expect to have the insurance policy but ask others to pay the premium for you," he tells party members in reference to some allies that are not fully funding their defense commitments.

    Furthermore, Fox says it is "nonsense" to try to duplicate what is in NATO within the EU, particularly at a time of money saving efforts targeting a streamlining of the NATO structure. And, the Euro-sceptic defense secretary adds "the last thing we need is more EU bureaucracy."

    "NATO must maintain its primacy in European defense, because NATO is the alliance that keeps the United States in Europe. That is not a luxury, it is a necessity," Fox argues.

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