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  • Destroyer Plan Reporting Raises Questions
    Posted by Michael Fabey 9:58 PM on Jan 03, 2012

    Our series of recent articles on the Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN) and on U.S. Navy destroyers generated more than a few emails expressing opinions -- most of them contrary -- and raising some questions.

    Reader Question: Will the planned DDG-113 of flight IIA be cancelled?
    AvWeek Answer: Defense analysts say the Navy will have to buy more Flight IIAs, such as the DDG-113.

    Reader Question: Is it possible to see a revival of CGX not based on DDG-1000's tumblehome hull but on more conventional forms, maybe an enlarged but stealthier version of DDG-51?
    AvWeek Answer: Analysts say what really is needed is analysis of alternatives for those types of ships, which could indeed lead to a type of ship suggested here or some other destroyer variant.

    Tags: USNavy, Shipbuilding, MissileDefense, ar99

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