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  • Spain Eyes Vehicle Modernization
    Posted by Robert Wall 8:15 AM on Nov 24, 2009

    The Spanish government appears to be the latest to be getting with the program of  modernizing its armored vehicle fleet to face new global realities.

    Defense Minister Carme Chacon has brought such a request to the country’s cabinet during a recent meeting. Top on the list would be a new 8x8 armored personnel carrier, although a 4x4 patrol vehicle is also on the shopping list, the defense ministry indicates.

    The Spanish government is being driven in large part by the operational experience it is seeing other militaries having, which are driving the need for better protection in the face of threats such improvised explosive devices.

    Now under discussion in Madrid is whether to accelerate the vehicle renewal plan. The Spanish government would be looking to buy an off-the-shelf system.

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