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  • Bulava Consolidates Test Progress
    Posted by M Pyadushkin 2:46 PM on Oct 30, 2010

    Russia’s new Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missile conducted another, 14th, successful trial on October 29, reported the Russian Defense Ministry. Similar to the previous successful trial on October 7, this time the missile was again fired from a submersed position by the Typhoon class Dmitry Donskoy submarine in the White Sea to the test range Kura on the Kamchatka peninsula.

    Now Bulava has seven successful launches of a total 14 trials. This year the Russian military plans to have one more launch from the new Borei class Yuri Dolgoruky sub that is designed to be the in-service carrier of these missiles. The Defense Ministry earlier explained that three launches in a row with the missiles assembled at one time are needed to eliminate the manufacturing defects which caused the previous test failures.

    According to the first deputy defense minister Vladimir Popovkin, the missile will be tested until the reliability ratio of 0.98-0.99 is reached. The Russian first vice premier Sergey Ivanov was cited by RIA Novosti, saying that apart from the remaining launch in 2010, five more test firings are planned for the next year. “It’s evident that there is no engineering mistake”, he hurried to say, adding that the reason for previous failures was manufacturing defects.

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