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  • EADS Sees Big Security Future
    Posted by Bill Sweetman 5:20 AM on Jun 19, 2011

    The worldwide market for security services, including cybersecurity, "could explode", according to EADS  CEO Louis Gallois. Speaking at the company's pre-Paris media seminar, Gallois added that "cybersecurity represents a huge opportunity for the defense industry, although there will be fierce competition."

    Gallois went on to list some of the areas where EADS sees opportunities:  "Border surveillance, security for big events" - IAI-EADS Harfang UAVs were deployed to support the G8 meeting last month in Deauville - "civil protection and the non-destructive control of goods." Gallois noted that US deputy defense secretary William Lynn "focused on cybersecurity for his entire speech" at a Paris conference last week, as did the UK representative at a recent high-level government meeting in Versailles.

    Cyber "is being recognized as one of the main threats in the future," Gallois said. "It's creating a problem, but it's also creating a market."

    EADS Cassidian CEO Stefan Zoller says that the division's ability to respond to demand for national security command, control and communications systems - blending police, border patrol and military networks - is limited by available talent, not markets. "If we had more engineers we could do far more", Zoller said. Cassidian is developing security systems for Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Romania and earlier this year was selected to provide the Emirates Command & Control System.

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