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  • GD To Promote Bright Arrow
    Posted by Bill Sweetman 3:01 PM on Oct 27, 2010

    General Dynamics and Israel Military Industries are close to an agreement under which GD will market IMI's Bright Arrow active protection system for armored vehicles, according to officials of the US company, and the system has just completed a round of tests in the USA.

    On show in complete form for the first time at the AUSA show in Washington, Bright Arrow differs from some of its competitors in using blast to disable an incoming projectile. The weapon comprises a radar sensor and control suite, and an interceptor that resembles a fin-stabilized grenade. It is designed to be mounted on a remote controlled weapon system (RCWS) turret. Typically, two ready rounds will be carried in quick-change canisters.

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    In the event of an attack the weapon slews and fires into the path of the attacking missile or round, and aims to pass just below it, detonating as their paths cross. The effect is to detonate an RPG or to cause a long-rod penetrator to yaw and tumble, so that it slaps against the target rather than penetrating it.

    Bright Arrow is designed for light vehicles - unlike some systems it has only one fire unit, covering a 360-degree angle, and it is relatively easy to integrate. It can also be coupled with a soft-kill laser for guided anti-armor weapons, and the weapon station can be coupled with a machine gun for immediate suppressive fire to discourage a second shot.

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