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  • Carter Axes 11 More Global Hawks, Charts Nunn-McCurdy Path [Updated]
    Posted by Sean Meade 4:16 PM on Jun 15, 2011

    Amy Butler has the scoop on the Global Hawk's latest woes. Ashton Carter, the Pentagon's acquisition chief, is cutting 11 Block 30s from the planned buy of 42 (a cut of more than ) after the U.S. Air Force recently cut 11 from the Block 40 program.

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    Credit: USAF

    Carter is also certifying that, despite its Nunn-McCurdy breach, Global Hawk is essential to national security and must be continued.

    Read the whole story: Carter Cuts 11 More Global Hawks

    [Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story reported different numbers for planned Global Hawks due to an error in the Defense Department’s acquisition decision memorandum. This version has been updated.]

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